"[At] Saturday's Anchorage Symphony Orchestra concert ... "An Evening at the Ballet" with dancers from Chicago's Joffrey Ballet company ... the nearly full house applauded loud and long."
Mike Dunham, Alaska Dispatch News

"... nothing short of a personal triumph for Mireille Favarel. Her transition from a woman to a swan at the end of the second act was so complete as to be almost miraculous. The black swan pas de deux aroused the ... audience to vocal approval for both Favarel's spinning steadiness and aplomb."
– Jay Joslyn, Milwaukee Sentinel

"Music of this sort is hard to play. They played ... with panache, sympathy and a confidence born of conductor Ron Foster’s rock-solid command of the score."
– Tom Strini, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"Yumelia Garcia. Stunning ... she sparkled. I couldn't have asked for a more mesmerizing Sugar Plum Fairy. She absolutely delivered, and her arabesque en pointe during the Grand Pas De Deux was tres impressive."
– Natalie Cammarata, Chicago Now

"One of the program's greatest revelations was Ogulcan Borova, who turned in a powerful performance in the pas de deux [of] Diana and Actaeon."
– Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times

About the Program

An Evening at the Ballet is a new symphonic program like no other -- and it's ready to go! Artistic Directors Mireille Favarel and Ronald Foster have assembled a moving and exhilarating program of ballet music from the world's greatest composers. An Evening at the Ballet features two of today's most exciting dancers, Yumelia Garcia and Randy Crespo. Each half begins with your orchestra performing brilliant works from the ballet repertoire. Garcia and Crespo then dance a breathtaking pas de deux with the orchestra, followed by a rousing orchestral finale. Orchestra musicians will love An Evening at the Ballet. Our program includes inspiring and challenging masterworks that showcase the artistry of your orchestra, as much as the dancers. The synergy between dancers, conductor, and orchestra makes for a rehearsal and performance experience that is thrilling and engaging for all. We create a magnificent evening for your audience.